What is Tales Channel Plus?

Tales Channel Plus is the official Tales of series portal site.
Here you'll find all the latest news on console games, mobile content, merchandise, events, campaigns, and more!
Becoming a Tales Member (registration is free) grants access to additional interactive content like opinion polls, a card-matching mini-game, and lots more!
Not only that, but logging in and participating in interactive content will earn you Channel Points (CP) which can be exchanged for original merchandise!
*Conditions for earning points, as well as items available for exchange, are subject to change.

Channel Points (CP) are special points you can earn and spend on the Tales Channel Plus site.

About Partner Settings

Your Partner's picture will be displayed on the Top Page, My Page, and Tales Members content. Collect Channel Points (CP) to trade for pictures of your favorite characters.

In Tales Member content, the Partner icon displayed on your posts will reflect your settings at the time of posting,
not your current icon selection.

About Business Cards

①Picture displayed on ProfileCard
Your selected Partner character's image will be displayed.
②Favorite Title & Character
Your #1 favorite title & character, as specified on My Page, will be displayed.

About Public Profiles

Your Public Profile information can be viewed by other users who participate in certain Tales Members content.

About Rare Viva-kun Sightings

You might spot a rare Viva-kun around the site from time to time.
Click on him to earn Channel Points (CP).

Recommended Specs

Recommended specs for Tales Channel Plus are as follows:

・Windows 10 or higher with the latest Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge browser.
・macOS Sierra or higher with the latest Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari browser.
・iOS 10 or higher with the latest Safari mobile browser.
・Android 5.0 or higher with the latest Google Chrome mobile browser.
Feature Phone:
Not supported.

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