About Points

CP (Channel Points) are points you can earn by accessing the site or playing member-exclusive content.

*Conditions for earning points, as well as items available for exchange, are subject to change.

How to Get Channel Points

Site Login 1 CP Once per day
Card-Matching 1 to 3 CP Match cards in mini-game
*More points for more matching pairs.
Quiz 1 CP Answer correctly
**Ace the Quiz 15 times in a month to earn double the points for the rest of the month.
Find Rare Viva-kun 10 CP Click on rare Viva-kun when you see him
New Account Registration 100 CP

About Expiry Dates

CP will expire at 4:30 AM JST on the last day of the month that falls 5 months after the day those points were acquired.
For details, please consult your Point History.

About Cumulative CP

Cumulative CP is the total of all CP you have ever earned, before or after site renovations.
Your Level changes according to your Cumulative CP.

CP Transactions Are Final

CP is used up when you spend it to participate in campaigns or trade it for items. It is used up at the time of the relevant transaction.
Spent CP will not be returned for any reason.