Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

Life in the world of Terresia owes its existence to the mana produced by its World Tree.

As the land is consumed by the otherworldly Devourer, the tree weakens by the day. With the last of its power, the tree creates a warrior called the Descender to serve as the world's final hope.

The player-controlled Descender soon joins with another Descender named Mormo, from the alien world of Yuan, and an amnesiac named Pasca Kannono. Seeking to restore Kannono's memories, the three embark on a journey for the resistance guild "Ad Libitum."


Pasca Kannono

Pasca Kannono

Kannono works for the Ad Libidum guild that is joined by the game's protagonist. Her companions are bolstered by her cheerful personality.



A confident and lively member of a species with the same name, Mormo awakens the game's protagonist on Terresia.


Tales of the World - Radiant Mythology -
Release Date
Dec. 21, 2006
Play Station Portable®
Japanese, English
Japanese, English

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